Stratis is a company which operates worldwide. Our strong, distributed team of blockchain developers, consultants, and marketing experts combines a solid corporate structure, for best business practices, with the flexibility required for rapid prototyping and deployment. Stratis is headquartered in the U.K. and incorporated as Stratis Group Ltd.

Our Vision

To use our expertise to solve the challenges of enterprise blockchain development and implementation on a global scale – we make blockchain easy!

Our Values


Stratis believes that users must be able to safely rely on its blockchain for their transactions and data without risk of error or attack.


Stratis believes that its blockchain must be distributed and decentralized to ensure the integrity and security of the consensus protocol.


Stratis believes that its blockchain is part of the future Internet of Value, which will create a new basis of trust between entities, groups, and individuals.


Stratis believes in respecting the rights of the individual when it comes to data protection and data privacy on its blockchain.


Stratis believes in the open source model of software development, and its source code is accessible to anyone across the world.

The Stratis Token

The Stratis cryptographic token (STRAT) fuels the Stratis Platform and acts as a value transfer vehicle in the Stratis marketplace.

C# smart contracts

Create performant, secure, and auditable smart contracts in a development environment which is comfortable and familiar for C# and .NET developers.

Smart Contracts
ICO Platform

Crowdfund your business ambitions with the free-to-use Stratis ICO Platform, which delivers fully integrated services and customizable layouts, so you can effortlessly launch your ICO.

ICO Platform

Take your business to new heights by launching bespoke blockchains using Stratis Sidechains.


Widely recognized as the world’s largest exchange for alternative digital currencies, STRAT is trading as a BTC pairing on Poloniex.

Changelly is a popular cryptocurrency exchange providing the ability to instantly and seamlessly purchase STRAT using a bank card or an alternative cryptocurrency.

On the forefront of innovation and expansion, we are proud to have had the STRAT added to Bittrex right after launch day.

Binance redefined the concept of the cryptocurrency exchange with their innovative approach to exchange fees. Binance facilitates the exchange of STRAT with a BTC pairing.