Stratis Identity

Stratis Identity

The Stratis Identity app builds on the concept of identity management on the blockchain. The power of the Stratis Platform enables users to prove their identity using the Stratis blockchain. Users of the app create an account and then attest their personal information. They can then share these attestations with other app users.

The practical purpose of the app includes, but is not limited to, providing solutions in the following scenarios:

1. Users wishing to fund a business venture. Before sending money via an online payment system, they need to verify the identity of the business owner is genuine.

2. Organizations wishing to make a non-financial investment. They might want to offer a job interview to a remote candidate, but they need the candidate’s employment history confirmed. Verification of the user’s Linked In account using the Stratis Identity App allows them to proceed to the next stage with confidence.

3. People meet online (via dating apps for example). The Stratis Identity App can be used to provide a discreet identity check before an in-person meeting.